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Turbomachinery International Magazine (TMI), published by Business Journals, Inc., was founded in 1959 by G. Renfrew Brighton and R. Tom Sawyer. TMI reaches 11,000 print and 4,000 online subscribers in the global power, oil & gas and petrochemical industries. It is the oldest magazine addressing the needs of managers, engineers and technicians who operate, maintain, service and repair turbomachinery. TMI is published six times per year.

Turbomachinery Online
For over 50 years, Turbomachinery Magazine has addressed the day-to-day challenges and issues facing user-oriented engineers, operators, managers, designers, maintenance people and specifiers of turbomachinery worldwide. Now the global news, practical articles, technical columns, analysis and widely read departments are a simple mouse click away. Every ad in the print edition will appear in the online issue and will include a link to the advertisers' websites. At no added cost advertisers in the print edition will now have the benefit of reaching online subscribers and gaining more worldwide exposure.

Turbomachinery Handbook
The Turbomachinery International Handbook is published annually and serves as a continuous reference by over 100,000 turbomachinery users worldwide. It is regularly used by those who plan, engineer, construct, operate and maintain energy plants throughout the world. The Handbook is referred to when researching new suppliers, finding contact information on companies, and checking whether a supplier makes a particular product. Check out the online version here.

TMI and Handbook subscribers specify and purchase gas and steam turbines, turbocompressors, combined cycle and cogeneration systems, turboexpanders, hydro-turbines and pumps. They also purchase before- and after-market products and services, such as instrumentation & control systems, lubrication systems, gears, accessories, additives, fuels, alloys, blades, boilers, blowers, clutches, combustion systems, heat exchangers, motors and valves. Complimenting TMI and the Handbook is www.turbomachinerymag.com, which offers an online version of the Handbook, plus a complete archive of past magazine articles and the latest industry news.

Turbomachinery Email newsletter
Turbomachinery Daily Newsletter is fully loaded with the latest news, expert commentary, original content, engineering data and graphics, and multimedia stories that users won’t find in print. The Newsletter pulls content from all over the web, including RSS feeds, blogs, press releases, user groups, and public, private, academic, association and industry news outlets. The newsletter also contains expert opinion on industry hot topics.

Turbomachinery Blog
Turbomachinery Blog features postings from experts in all areas of turbomachinery, such as: gas turbines, machine diagnostics, materials, repairs, and aftermarket parts, and encourages users to participate, with reader engagement and interaction as its primary purpose.



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