More Causes and Remedies of Fluid Film Bearing Failure

Kingsbury's very popular brochure, "General Guide To Hydrodynamic Bearings," covers the background and invention of the tilting pad fluid film bearing, the types of fluid film bearings in common use and a comprehensive section on the diagnosis and troubleshooting of bearing problems. This booklet provides a very good overview of bearing failure modes, but due to size constraints, it cannot cover all known issues.

Thrust & Journal Bearing System

Kingsbury's CH Bearing System consists of a NDE unit featuring a flange-mounted housing with an equalized thrust bearing and a journal bearing shell, and a DE unit without a thrust bearing.

Machine Improvements from Directed-Lube Journal Bearings

This paper, co-authored by Kingsbury's R&D Manager, Scan DeCamillo, presents experimental temperature data on the LEG (Leading Edge Groove) journal bearing for both "on pad" and "between pad" loading conditions and for different bearing clearances. The experimental results are compared with data from a computer model of the LEG bearing. In addition, the paper discusses results obtained from bidirectional testing of the LEG, and describes a technique for reducing power losses of the bearing.

Performance Comparison of LEG and Flooded Bearings

Advantages of Leading Edge Groove (LEG) lubrication technology

Temperature Measurement in Fluid Film Bearings

Temperature Measurement
Any change in load, shaft speed, oil flow, oil inlet temperature, or bearing surface fin

Fluid Film Shoe Temperature Patterns

A temperature sensor mounted at the 75/75 position can provide the critical shoe temperature for that one, fixed location, but cannot indicate the temperature pattern over the entire shoe surface.

Oil Discharge Configurations in Fluid Film Bearings

We have conducted experimental tests on a variety of oil discharge configurations. The results? We have found that overall bearing power loss and performance are affected by:


How to Estimate Babbitt Temperature

Once you have selected the correct thrust bearing style and size, you may want to estimate the babbitt temperature of the operating bearing. This is a good design practice when:

Bearing loading exceeds 400PSI (2.8 Mpa)

Fluid Film Bearing Instrumentation

Temperature Measurement
Changes in load, shaft speed, oil flow, oil inlet temperature, or bearing surface finish

Using Kingsbury Design Features

Since 1912, we have gained unequaled experience in designing and manufacturing thrust bearings.


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