Using simple-cycle rotating equipment to support renewables adoption in N. America

There has been renewed interest in simple-cycle rotating equipment technology in North America, particularly in the mid-size range of 20 – 150 MW output per unit. I believe this heightened customer interest highlights the need for the superior capabilities of modern and efficient gas turbine power generation system in supporting the continued adoption of renewable energy.

Redesign of a steam turbine with unknown boundary conditions

Several levels of overhaul are possible depending on time and money resources. When both are at a minimum, the redesign of one or several stages of aging turbomachinery can be an option while maintaining existing dimensions for the rotor and casing. However, when parts of the machine are no longer functional, the boundary conditions of these elements are unknown. This can make the redesign process complicated and time-consuming although it is still possible to restore the geometry and increase performance.

The main steps of this process are:

The Affinity Laws and beyond

To the Affinity Laws and Beyond


The affinity laws below are well known and used daily by pump people.


Inspections of gas turbine components

High-efficiency gas turbines (GTs) for power generation employ critical components of state-of-the-art design and advanced metallurgy.

Using supercritical CO2 in cogeneration

Cogeneration, or combined heat and power (CHP), is the use of a heat engine or power station to simultaneously generate electricity and useful heat

How inert gas service helps overcome seal oil leakage

The entrance of oil through the oil seals into refrigeration systems will reduce the capacity of the system and impact on process unit revenue. To ensure that seal oil does not enter the process loop and foul the chillers, it is essential that lube/seal oil reservoir level on all refrigeratio

Firm baseplates ensure trouble-free oil console operation

Oil console baseplates should be filled with cement for mass after checking for pipe stress and soft foot on pumps and drivers, to ensure maximum pump, driver and instrument reliability.

A well designed control console can help prevent shutdown

A minimum of one meter distance has to be specified between all oil system components to allow operator access, and to optimize system reliability. Access to all major components is essential to allow operator intervention to switch over to spared system com

Canned Motor Pumps for Minimum Life Cycle Costs

After determining how long you want the equipment to last and identifying the process and fluid properties, it is time to select the pump.  Factors for minimum life cycle costs include installation, maintenance, energy, safety and environmental and possibly other considerations. 

Finding an Advanced System to Design Supercritical CO2 Power Plants

The supercritical CO2 power cycle is one of the most promising power technologies. It is not by chance though, because carbon dioxide (CO2) has a unique combination of attributes, such as a low critical temperature, an environmentally natural origin, a high standard of safety and a low cost. Carbon dioxide is also thoroughly studied, therefore there is sufficient information surrounding it. But on the other hand, the supercritical CO2 cycle has a high energy conversion factor, such as high thermal efficiency.


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