Flame-free pipe joining in seconds

Victaulic, the world's leading manufacturer of mechanical pipe joining systems, introduces Vic-Press, a flame-free press system that joins pipe in a matter of seconds. Vic-Press, the industry’s first ANSI Schedule 10S pipe sized press-to-connect system designed for off-the-shelf ASTM A-312 Schedule 10S stainless steel pipe, is an industrial-grade solution for quickly and reliably joining small-diameter piping systems.



A new series of graphalloy self-lubricating bushings mounted in stainless steel flange blocks is now available from Graphite Metallizing. This series combines the corrosion resistant and self-lubricating properties of graphalloy with the application of a flange block.

Coating boron

Erosion caused by airborne particles and pollutants wears the airfoils of gas turbines used in industril and aerospace applications, resulting in gradual loss of cross-section and airfoil thickness. To compensate for cross-section loss and subsequent deterioration of the aerodynamics of the compressor blades, more fuel is consumed to maintain the required energy output.

Do you know where your bolts came from?

I am writing this blog after the Steelers defeated the Jets for the AFC Championship and a place in the 2011 Superbowl. The Steelers have won 6 Superbowls, played in 7 Superbowl games, and won 7 AFC Championships. I know all the players' names and their origin. But do you in the turbomachinery industry know where your bolts came from, especially their origin, place of manufacture, etc.?


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