A more efficient compressor for coking applications

Siemens Energy has continued developing its STC-SOL turbocompressor for coking industry applications. Now available, a refined machine concept and new impeller technology render greater compressor efficiency of up to 15 percent. Siemens has also significantly reduced the number of casing components for the overall machine. The new STC-SOL turbocompressor is now available for commercial operation.

Chromalloy acquires turbine component producer firm

Chromalloy, a supplier of gas turbine engine component repairs, coatings and castings, has acquired Trac Group, a tier one component supplier to the aerospace and energy industries.

"Chromalloy's acquisition of Trac Group is in line with our strategy to increase our support for the new engine supply chain," said Carlo Luzzatto, President.  "Chromalloy and Trac, both industry leaders, together offer the original equipment manufacturers a global source of component production and repair."

Order for waste-to-power package using microturbines

Ener-Core has shipped its first commercial FP250 unit, a power generating system that integrates Ener-Core's patented thermal oxidation technology with a 250 kilowatt gas turbine.   The shipment deployed as scheduled out of the Port of Los Angeles on November 14, 2013 and is en route to Efficient Energy Conversion Turbomachinery B.V. ("EECT"), of the Netherlands.  EECT holds the European distribution rights for the FP250 and related equipment.

Petrobras services contract for Rolls-Royce for $138 million

Petrobras has awarded Rolls-Royce a $138 million, five-year services contract, to support its oil production activities offshore from Brazil. Under the terms of this contract, Rolls-Royce will supply Petrobras with advanced maintenance and repair services to support fifteen Rolls-Royce RB211-G62 industrial gas turbine power generation units which are installed on four Petrobras oil platforms operating in the petroleum rich, pre-salt Campos Basin.

Centrax supplies to Russian district heating plant

Centrax has strengthened its role in the fast-expanding Russian powergen market with the sale of two 5.2MW CX501-KB7 gas turbine sets for district heating plants.

Variable speed drive compressor delivers energy savings in UK plant

The plant is one of many IFF plants worldwide producing fragrances and flavours that are used in products such as beverages, sweets, dairy, savoury products, as well as fine fragrances, beauty care products, detergents, and household goods. The Haverhill plant recently underwent a significant expansion. A major part of the expansion was the upgrading of the plant’s Atlas Copco compressed air system.

New lube oil applies to gas turbines in oil and gas operations

ExxonMobil Fuels & Lubricants has introduced Mobil DTE 732 M, a turbine. Mobil DTE 732 M oil is recommended for use in Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ (MHI) range of non-geared single shaft gas and steam turbines, and multi-shaft gas turbines. The oil is approved against MHI’s stringent MS04-MA-CL005 specification, which means it meets MHI’s protection requirements for long life and high temperature turbine applications.

Promoting energy storage in Europe

Dresser-Rand has entered into a strategic alliance with renewable energy group Gaelectric, to develop Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) projects in Europe.  Under the Strategic Alliance agreement, Gaelectric and Dresser-Rand will collaborate on the design, development, engineering, procurement, and commissioning of CAES projects throughout Europe.

LM2500s to power India’s first indigenous aircraft carrier

GE Marine announced that four GE LM2500 gas turbines will soon power the Indian Navy's INS Vikrant, providing 80 megawatts for the country's first indigenous aircraft carrier.

Siemens delivers 20 gas turbines to Thailand

Siemens Energy has received orders for a total of 20 SGT-800 industrial gas turbines from Thailand. The turbines will be used in various combined cycle cogeneration power plants within Thailand. The contract is part of the Thai government's program to support small power producers. The end customers are the Thai independent power producers Amata B.Grimm Power Limited (ABP), which ordered 10 turbines, SSUT Co. Ltd. & PPTC Co. Ltd. (six turbines), and IRPC Clean Power Co. Ltd.(four turbines).


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