Kingsbury breaks ground to build new western USA repair facility

On January 8, 2014, Kingsbury, Inc. broke ground to officially begin construction of a new 33,000-square-foot bearing repair and service facility in Yuba City, California. The project by Yuba City contractor Hilbers Inc. should be complete in September.

Applying hermetically sealed compressors in offshore platforms

MAN Diesel & Turbo in Zurich has been awarded a contract for a HOFIM compressor (High-Speed, Oil-Free, Integrated Motor). It is MAN's first hermetically-sealed compressor being installed on an offshore production platform – Ivar Aasen in the North Sea, run by Det norske oljeselskap ASA.

The role of insert geometry in minimizing the cost of milling operations-II

In milling, as with all manufacturing operations, if a machine tool isn't working, it's not earning any money. Understandably then, machine shops and machinists push for the highest possible metal removal rates, but this won't necessarily minimize costs.

GE introduces gas turbine powered - LNG ship

The concept of using a combined gas turbine and steam (COGES) plant for merchant vessels, and LNG carriers in particular, was first announced by GE at The Motorship’2013 Gas Fuelled Ships conference and featured in our December issue.

The role of insert geometry in minimizing milling costs - I

Getting more life from cutting inserts is the key to minimizing costs, especially in milling operations. While it’s natural to focus on maximizing material removal rates, higher speeds can mean earlier and less predictable failure.

Cogeneration order for Mitsubishi J class gas turbine

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has received an order from KEPCO Engineering & Construction Company, Inc. (KEPCO E&C) for the core equipment of a combined heat and power (CHP) natural gas-fired generation plant, including an M501J gas turbine. The CHP plant is to be developed by DS Power Co., Ltd. in Osan City, Gyeonggi-do, approximately 50 kilometers south of Seoul. It is scheduled to go on stream in March 2016.

Siemens gets another U.S. order for H-class gas turbines

Siemens Energy has received an order to supply two integrated power islands fitted with H-class gas turbines for the Patriot combined-cycle power plant (CCPP) in Pennsylvania. It will have a generating capacity of 829 megawatts (MW) in combined-cycle duty. This is the second project awarded by Panda Power Funds in Pennsylvania following the Liberty order announced in August of 2013. The complete power plant is to be erected by Gemma-Lane Patriot Partners, a leading Engineering, Procurement, and Construction contractor in the U.S.A.

Calnetix gets patent for mag bearing position sensor

Calnetix Technologies recently received a new patent for its magnetic bearing “constant-flux” edge position sensor invented by Principal Research Engineer Alexei Filatov.

 This is the seventh U.S. Patent issued to Filatov since he joined Calnetix in September of 2002.

German steam power plant boasts 46% efficiency and 750MW output

The Lünen hard-coal-fired power plant owned by Trianel Kohlkraftwerk Lünen GmbH und Co. KG has been built as a turnkey unit under a consortium arrangement between Siemens and IHI Corporation. It has an installed electrical capacity of 750 megawatts. With 7,000 full-load operating hours predicted for 2014 the Lünen plant can provide electricity for around 1.5 million households. It also supplies the city of Lünen with district heating. With an efficiency of almost 46 percent, Lünen lies on the Datteln-Hamm Canal, a major inland waterway in North-West Germany. 

Mike Fisher to head a Wood Group division

Wood Group GTS has appointed Mike Fisher to the new position of president of its US oil, gas & industrial services (OGIS) business.  The Houston-based business provides maintenance, repair and overhaul for Solar Mars, Saturn 10, Centaur 40, Centaur 50 and Taurus 60 gas turbines, which are used primarily by the oil & gas industry.


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