Siemens wins $967m contract to equip Saudi gasification power plant

Siemens AG recently won a $966.8 million contract to provide equipment for a power station in Saudi Arabia that is slated for operation by 2016. The contract covers 15 generators, 10 combustion gas turbines, 10 heat recovery steam generators and five steam turbines for the facility that would supply electricity to the Jazan Economic City, Siemens said.  The order is said to be the largest the company has received from state oil and gas company Saudi Aramco.

Potential targets and applications of modern-day GT-EL fleet

In his previous article, the author enumerated four reasons why the US should consider the GT-EL locomotive units once again.

Cameron unveils new Turbo-Air NX 12000 compressors for refinery applications

The new Turbo-Air NX product line from Cameron is the latest of integrally geared centrifugal compressors that is expected to be at the forefront of every plant managers’ mind.

PW Power Systems bags first contract for sale of FT4000 Swiftpac unit

PW Power Systems, Inc. (PWPS), a group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., recently announced the sale of its latest aero-derivative power solution, the FT4000 gas turbine, to a unit of Exelon Generation. Exelon purchased a 120 MW simple-cycle FT4000 Swiftpac power generation unit.

New $500m natural gas plant proposed for Jessup

Though the project is still in very preliminary stages, the combined-cycle electricity plant proposed for Jessup is said to represent the most efficient technology for producing energy from natural gas. This is the latest in a number of power projects proposed for the region since natural gas began flowing up from the Marcellus Shale formation. An official from Invenergy LLC went before Jessup Borough Council recently to give an overview of the project. The company was requesting a change in the borough's noise ordinance.

Less than 10 ppm, down to 50 percent load

MAN Diesel & Turbo recently said it has managed to reduce the nitrogen oxide emissions of their new MGT gas turbine generation to an extremely low level in test stand runs. The new gas turbine is expected to be not only highly efficient, but also particularly low in pollution.

Larger gas turbine locomotive units using natural gas proved to be more efficient

In his previous article, the author discussed how rising fuel costs forced the retirement of Frame 3 and 5 gas turbine units.

50MW gas-fired plant to power Indonesian port

The Indonesian port of Tanjung Perak in the city of Surabaya is to be powered on-site by a 50 MW gas-fired power plant after the government committed $99m to the project. 

California plant adopts fast-start technology with four Siemens F-Class turbines

A substantial amount of gas-fired capacity has been added to the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) grid in the past few years. The newest plant to come online is NRG’s 720-MW Marsh Landing Generating Station, near Antioch on the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta.

Alstom wins $480 m contract to upgrade US natural gas plants

GDF Suez Energy North America has awarded Alstom a long-term service contract to give its power plant fleet new flexibility. Under the terms of this $480 million contract, Alstom will provide comprehensive maintenance services and gas turbine upgrade packages for four GDF Suez natural gas-fired power stations. The plants together use 14 Alstom GT24 gas turbines and generate enough electricity to power more than three million homes in Texas and Massachusetts.


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