Power augmentation of 7EA gas turbines

Wood Group GTS has completed the installation of four EcoValue power augmentation systems on four GE Frame 7EA gas turbines at a 300MW cogeneration plant in Texas. The EcoValue system increases turbine output and efficiency and the plant is experiencing significant performance improvements, yielding 11.5% increase in power output and a 2.5% decrease in heat rate on one combined cycle block (two gas turbines and one steam turbine).

Capstone offers LNG/Diesel fueled marine microturbines

Capstone Turbine is expanding its product offering in the marine market and has appointed six Capstone marine distributors. In addition, the company has launched a contest that will give away up to 130 kilowatts of marine power to three existing or new ship owners.

UK order for gas chromatograph alternative

Orbital Gas Systems Ltd., has received an order for eight (8) retail units of its GasPTi device from National Grid in the United Kingdom (UK).

U.S. Navy tests the most powerful high-speed generator ever built

U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division - Ship Systems Engineering Station (NSWCCD-SSES) engineers conducted full scale testing of a 7,000 rpm, 6,600 volt, 14-megawatt high-speed generator (HSG) at the Land Based Test Site, September 19. The prototype provides six times more power than lower speed, conventionally cooled, similar sized generators currently available.

GE gas path upgrade extended to 9F-3 and 9E

GE has announced the expansion of its Advanced Gas Path (AGP) portfolio to its 9F-3 and 9E gas turbine customers operating in Asian energy markets and around the globe. More than 120 AGP systems have been sold and 37 upgrades already in operation on GE 7F-3 gas turbines around the globe.

In 9F-3, the AGP will deliver:

  • Output increase up to 6 percent
  • Fuel efficiency increase up to 2 percent
  • Maintenance intervals as long as 32,000 hours (extending outage intervals up to 33 percent)

In 9E, the AGP will deliver:

Alstom bags three LTSAs for gas-fired plants

Alstom announced it has been awarded two Long Term Service Agreements (LTSA) for three natural gas fired power plants in the US and Canada. The company will provide services for EquiPower’s, Milford combined cycle power station in Connecticut, USA and TransAlta’s Sarnia Cogeneration Power Plant in Ontario and Poplar Creek Cogeneration Power Plant in Alberta.   

These latest contracts are part of $1.2 billion in North American power plant service, support and upgrade contracts awarded to Alstom in 2013.

Nitrogen helps eliminate corrosion in idle HRSGs

Situated in Gondomar, in the north area of Portugal, Tapada do Outeiro combine cycle power station produces 15-20 percent of the country’s electrical needs. The company relies on an NG 81 generator from Atlas Copco Rental to supply pure nitrogen to replace the air in the steam generator’s tubes when they are not in use, eliminating corrosion.

CO catalyst boosts startup capability of simple cycle turbines

Johnson Matthey's Stationary Emissions Control (SEC) group has announced it has successfully commissioned CO oxidation catalyst to reduce CO, VOC and toxic emissions from four 200 MW simple cycle gas turbines. The turbines are part of GenOn Energy's Marsh Landing Generating Station (MLGS), Antioch, California. MLGS is capable of quickly generating up to 800 MW of electricity if renewable power sources, such as wind turbines and solar power are unavailable. The gas-fired peaking facility incorporates quick-start 200 MW Siemens SGT6-5000F turbines that can reach full load in 12 minutes.

Hundreds of microturbines used in Australian coal seam gas project

Capstone Turbine Corporation has received another follow-on order for a large Australian coal seam gas company. The initial order in July 2008 was for the supply of 110 C30 packages, which was later increased to 154 C30s in 2009. The first follow-on contract was for 44 C30 microturbines in October 2012, and in early January 2013 they ordered 36 additional units. The latest order is for 14 units, bringing the total number of units sold to date to 248 C30 microturbines. These orders are part of a periodical supply contract for the life of the project, at least five years.

Kemper County IGCC plant to be delayed

Southern Company  has said it will not be able to finish constructing its Kemper County, Miss., IGCC facility by May of 2014. Mississippi Power, the smallest utility unit of Southern Co., is building the plant.

"The expected extension of the schedule beyond May 2014 reflects Southern Company's and Mississippi Power's current analysis of the time needed to complete the construction and start-up activities of the Kemper IGCC," the company said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


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