Wood Group to design the topsides of oil and gas facility offshore Norway

Wood Group Mustang has been awarded the topsides detailed engineering and design of an offshore oil and gas production facility recently that will be operated by Det norske. The facility will be located in 112 meters (367 feet) of water in the Ivar Aasen field, which is in the North Sea Norwegian Sector.

Genalta Power to build 4 MW power generating facility

Genalta Power Inc. recently announced an agreement with Shell Canada to build a power generating facility that will use the gas associated with Shell’s Peace River bitumen cold production. Shell is constructing a pipeline to transport the gas from pads on the west side of its Cliffdale development (located on a portion of its Peace River oil sands leases) to the Genalta facility.

Parallel shaft gears for critical applications

Parallel shaft gears offer optimum reliability and lower MTTR and are preferred for ease of maintenance and minimum components. Parallel axes are the most common gear arrangement, consisting of a meshing pinion and gear. Parallel arrangements can be simple, or compounded with other parallel gear sets to obtain high gear ratios. The conventional way to describe such a gear is ‘double increaser’ or ‘reduction’ or triple increaser’ or ‘reduction gear’. Parallel axis gears can use spur, helical, double helical or herringbone elements.

Siemens to supply compression solutions for LNG plant in Malaysia

Siemens Energy has been awarded a contract for supplying turbo compressors and mechanical drive gas turbines for a major Liquefied Natural Gas project in Malaysia. The project will help to improve overall plant efficiency and minimize gas flaring at the Petronas Bintulu LNG Plant in Sarawak, East Malaysia.

Improved GE 7E 3-series gas turbine to generate 88 MW power

Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. will install a GE 7E 3-series gas turbine, formerly known as 7EA, adjacent to Montana-Dakota’s coal-fired Heskett Generating Station near Mandan, North Dakota. Operating on pipeline natural gas, the 7E 3-series will generate 88 MW of power when it begins commercial service in 2014.

Fuel gas requirements for aeroderivative gas turbines

Once considered an occasional “necessary evil,” fuel gas booster (FGB) compressors in turbine power generation facilities have become a common requirement. FGBs are installed because of insufficient gas pressure onsite or from nearby utility gas pipelines.

Historically, pressures up to 300 psig (~20 barA) were adequate for most industrial gas turbines and were often available onsite or at an economical distance. But modern gas turbines tend to run at much higher compression ratios, thus raising the inlet fuel gas pressure requirement.

Capstone receives follow-on order for 30 C65 microturbines

Capstone Turbine Corporation recently announced that it has bagged another follow-on order for 30 C65 microturbines from a US-based oil and gas exploration and production company in the Eagle Ford Shale Play.

LPP liquid-gas conversion unit gets order in shale gas application

LPP Combustion, LLC has announced its first commercial order for an LPP Skid to World Wide Water Solutions LLC (W3S) of Phoenix, AZ.  W3S will utilize the NGL 30 Fuel Preparation Skid to vaporize natural gas liquids and flare gas for a Capstone C30 gas turbine that will provide power to a W3S mobile water treatment trailer.

Wood Group GTS upgrades LM6000 controls system for Jonesboro turbine site

Wood Group GTS has recently upgraded the controls system on a GE LM6000 gas turbine at Jonesboro, Arkansas, City Water and Light's (CWL) northwest combustion turbine site.

The group has replaced the original controls system with an open-architecture system that will enable CWL to access and configure the turbine to meet fluctuating power demands. The new system, built on an open architecture provided by Rockwell Automation, is easy to service, and also provides CWL with the ability to perform maintenance in-house.

Alstom to build 850MW gas-fired combined cycle plant in Bangkok

Alstom has recently been awarded an EPC contract by Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) to build the 850 MW North Bangkok combined-cycle power plant’s block 2 and supply its equipment. Alstom’s share in this contract with Sumitomo Corporation of Japan amounts to approximately €225 million.


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