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One of the most important factors that should be considered in the design (and operation) of any turbomachinery is the thermal structure (or the thermal arrangement). Appropriate materials, cooling systems and insulations (or thermal shields) should be selected for turbomachinery based on a proper thermal analysis.

Krenicki GE Energy


Krenicki GE Energy


ABB and Ansaldo Energia present new turbine control system

ABB and Ansaldo Energia recently introduced the first turbine control system based on Symphony Plus technology. The new control system, developed specifically for Ansaldo Energia gas and steam turbines, has many pluses: reduced global management costs when compared with previous versions, better safety (also in relation to cyber security) and improved plant reliability and availability, in addition to greater management flexibility.

O& M: Start with the quick wins

"My hobby is energy efficiency,” proclaimed Dr. Werner Janik, who sat down with Turbomachinery International at PowerGen Europe, in June. ABB’s global head of sales for Energy Efficiency and Service in Power Generation, discussed his experience helping energy facilities.

The way forward for turbomachinery control

The original Digital Control System (DCS), Honeywell’s TDC 2000, began a revolution in industrial process control. What had previously been the realm of operators and pneumatic control systems slowly began to migrate into a microprocessor-based control chassis.

The history and evolution of turbomachinery control was linked to this progression, but it also took its own course, with specialists emerging, who focused solely on control, regulation and protection of the turbomachinery.

Siemens to supply three power islands to South Korea

Siemens has received a fourth order for its power plant technology from South Korea and will deliver three power islands in single shaft configuration to POSCO Energy, each consisting of one H-class gas turbine, one steam turbine, one generator and one heat recovery steam generator, and I&C equipment. In addition, a long-term service (LTP) contract will support the reliability, availability as well as the economic operation of the three units. The order volume including the LTP contract is approximately EUR400 million. 

GE's Kuwait power plant upgrade

Kuwait’s Sabiya power plant has successfully been upgraded to combined cycle operation in the project's second phase using GE’s advanced gas turbine combined cycle technology. This recent upgrade to combined cycle mode (phase 2) has boosted the plant’s output to more than 2,000 MW, increasing Kuwait’s power generating capacity by nearly 20 per cent, according to a statement issued by GE.

APR Energy's 100MW modular turbine plant in Uruguay

APR Energy recently announced the commercial operation of its 100MW temporary power generation project in Uruguay. The modular turbine plant will provide supplementary power to a previously existing site in Punta del Tigre, approximately 40 kilometers northwest of the capital city, Montevideo. The Punta del Tigre plant is the latest APR Energy temporary power plant to be commissioned this year.

Allister Langlands takes over as chairman of Wood Group



(Allister langlands (left) has replaced Sir Ian Wood as the new chairman of Wood Group)


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