LNG back in the spotlight

If the presentations at this year's event held in Florence, Italy are anything to go by, LNG is right back in the spotlight. In particular, floating oil production, storage and offloading (FPSO) technology was showcased. GE has just gained an order for an FPSO platform being built to develop the Guará Norte section of the Tupi oilfield in Brazil's Santos oil basin.

BP plans to add three deepwater rigs in the Gulf this year

By 2030, there will be a 40% increase in global energy demand. Not all that will be provided by oil, but the industry will have to expand from 85 million barrels per day to over 100 by 2030, said Kevin Kennelley, Vice President of Engineering and Technology for the Global Projects Organization (GPO), BP, at the recent GE Oil and Gas meeting held in Florence, Italy.

Siemens installs energy storage unit in Italy

Siemens Infrastructure & Cities put an energy storage solution into operation in Italy recently, which belongs to the Siestorage series. Installed in the medium voltage distribution network of Enel, Italy, headquartered in Rome, it is a pilot plant with an output of one megavolt ampere and a capacity of 500 kilowatt-hours. With a compact battery and converter cabinet as the smallest unit, the capacity of the Siestorage energy storage system can be expanded to up to two megawatt hours and its output up to eight megawatts.

Modular energy storage system

Shale gas bonanza triggers new projects in the U.S.


Four LNG trains are being built across the U.S. 

GE Oil & Gas to supply compressors for Shell projects

At the annual GE Oil and Gas meeting held in Florence, Italy recently, Dan Heintzelman, the new President and CEO of GE Oil & Gas unveiled an agreement to supply compressors and services for Shell projects worldwide over the next six years. This includes centrifugal compressors for LNG services and natural gas, refining and petrochemical applications.

GE Oil & Gas meeting in Italy

The annual GE Oil and Gas meeting held in Florence, Italy on January 30-31, 2012, had the theme, Leading Progress Together.  It was in recognition that the oil and gas landscape is characterized by growing complexity, requiring leadership and increased collaboration. Speakers, panelists and technical presenters came together to make this an exciting and thought provoking event.

GT13E2 for enhanced power generation efficiency in Russia


Vattenfall’ Berlin Mitte Power Plant.

GE to upgrade two gas turbines at Progress Energy power plant

GE will upgrade two GE Frame 7FA Gas Turbines at a Progress Energy power plant in the Smith Energy Complex, which will help the site continue to meet growing energy demands through increased output, greater efficiency and lower emissions. The two turbines have been operating on natural gas since 2002, and the enhancement project is scheduled to be completed by October this year.

TAS Energy opens office in Turkey

TAS Energy has opened a new office facility in Maslak, Istanbul, Turkey to provide an increased focus on service capabilities and support for customers on a local level. The facility will serve as a hub for sales, engineering and project execution in the region and will be led by Eren Ergin, Managing Director of TAS Energy Turkey.

Applying GT13E2 in Russian markets

The GT13E2 gas turbine used in different applications, is a medium sized gas turbine of the 200 MW class. It has a 21-stage compressor with a variable inlet guide vane, an annular combustion system with closed loop combustor cooling and a 5-stage turbine. The annular combustion system includes 72 EV (EnVironmental) burners. The EV burner is a dry low NOx burner with a long operating history and is used in the entire Alstom gas turbine portfolio. Let us see how the GT13E2 upgrade further improves these capabilities.

Russian market requirements


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