NRGreen Power

NRGreen Power and GE recently announced plans for a new recovered energy project that will produce power without additional emissions using the first global application of GE's ORegen system. The technology will be installed at Alliance Pipeline's Windfall Compressor Station near Whitecourt, Alberta, to generate electricity through the use of waste heat. The ORegen system is the latest in Organic Rankin Cycle technology.


Siemens is increasing its stake in Britain’s Marine Current Turbines Ltd. to 45 percent. Michael Axmann, CFO of the newly founded Solar & Hydro Division within Siemens’ Energy Sector said, “We will actively shape the commercialization process of innovative marine current power plants.” Effective October 1, 2011, Siemens realigned its renewables business into two independent units.

Andrew Tyler, CEO of MCT, said: “We are about to approach investors to secure funding for our first two tidal array projects.”

The Gas-Solar Alliance

This year's Solar Power International show in Dallas featured a panel promoting
the value of the solar and gas industries working together to their mutual
advantage. By 2015, analysts are predicting that another 140 GW of solar
capacity will come onto the grid. In the same time frame, natural gas should
bring on another 314 GW of capacity. If the estimate is correct, that will mean
gas accounts for 40 percent of the U.S. total while Solar reaches 20 percent.

Peter Evans, director of global strategy and planning for GE

User Group

The GE 7EA User Group met this month in San Antonio, Texas. The event kicked off with a reliability day and a presentation on oil analysis, and some key points were made. One of the points was that the primary reasons for oil analysis failure were that the vendor takes too long doing the analysis, and user delays in sending the samples. By the time the results are in, they are meaningless as too much time has elapsed.

New generation

Black Hills Corp. utility subsidiaries Black Hills Power and Cheyenne Light, Fuel & Power recently announced that they have filed for a certificate of public convenience and necessity with the Wyoming Public Service Commission to construct and operate a new $237 million natural-gas-fired electric generation facility within Cheyenne city limits. If approved by the Wyoming Public Service Commission, construction would begin in 2012, and the facility would begin serving customers in 2014.

Wood Group

Wood Group GTS (GTS) has entered into a strategic alliance with Pratt & Whitney Power Systems (PWPS) to jointly service the GE Frame 7FA industrial gas turbine aftermarket. Under this alliance, GTS has secured an exclusive 10-year license for sale and distribution of PWPS combustion hardware, hot gas path components and high technology repair services.


Solar power generation is one of the key strategic emerging industries in China. Hanas New Energy Group (Hanas) recently commenced the construction of its integrated solar combined cycle (ISCC) trough solar power plant in Gaoshawo town, Yanchi county, Ningxia, China.  The project, launched on October 12, 2011, represents the first ISCC trough solar demonstration project in Asia.


Ocean Power Technologies, a leading wave energy technology company, has launched a new technology initiative to enhance the efficiency of the company’s PowerBuoy wave energy system, which will be first showcased in Spain.

OPT's PowerBuoy system is smart and capable of responding to different wave conditions. It extracts the natural energy in ocean waves and is based on the integration of patented technologies in hydrodynamics, electronics, and energy conversion and computer control systems.

Pratt & Whitney

APR Energy plc and Pratt & Whitney Power Systems (PWPS) have announced a strategic partnership to increase the availability of mobile turbines for temporary power solutions. This partnership has already facilitated an APR order of 100MW on a flexible delivery schedule.

Hot gas path parts

Torque Capital Group has combined its acquisitions of Triumph Precision Castings, an investment casting foundry, and Dynamic Turbine, a precision machining company, to create Triax Turbine Components. Triax is a vertically-integrated U.S. manufacturer of hot gas path parts for industrial and aero turbine engines.

The name “Triax” reflects the company’s ability to deliver turbine components in three forms: raw castings, machined castings, and finished parts.


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