carbon capture DOE

The U.S. Department of Energy has selected 16 projects aimed at developing advanced post-combustion technologies for capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from coal–fired power plants. The projects, valued at $41 million over three years, are focused on reducing the energy and cost penalties associated with applying currently available carbon capture technologies to existing and new power plants.  


Ameridrives Couplings now offers a full line of Ameriloc internal and external locking devices and shaft couplings. All units are custom-engineered, manufactured, and tested to tolerances to meet specific customer requirements and provide years of trouble-free service.

The devices eliminate the need for keyways, splines, or hydraulic hubs; allowing for unlimited shaft positioning. Features include zero backlash, reduced shaft stress, and high contact pressure for greater torque. Tight contact prevents contamination in high dust and moisture environments.

Allied Power Group


Allied Power Group has named Ron Shaver as the new Vice President of Operations. Mr. Shaver will oversee the company’s expansion projects, which include protective coatings, heat treatment and compressor repairs in a facility that is growing to 133,000 square feet.

Siemens compressor

Terrance N. Ivers, 53 is the new CEO of Siemens Energy's Compression and Solutions Business Unit of the Oil & Gas Division. He takes over from Donald Weir, who has decided to leave Siemens. Since 2007 Ivers was the president of Amec Paragon, an international project management company and service provider to the upstream and midstream (especially pipeline) industries.

GE China

GE and China Huadian Corporation have formed a joint venture to develop distributed energy combined heat and power (DECHP) projects that will provide electricity for consumers in China located close to the plants. The $100 million joint venture company will be called Huadian GE Aero Gas Turbine Equipment Co., Ltd, with China Huadian owning the majority share. 

Commtest GE

GE has acquired Commtest, a provider and designer of machinery health information systems. GE Energy’s Bently Nevada product line, a global leader in condition monitoring, will incorporate Commtest products into its portfolio. Bently Nevada provides machinery protection and condition monitoring for refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants and wind farms. 

Emerson new system

Emerson Network Power has launched the ASCO PowerQuest Power Monitoring and Control System that helps facility managers enhance power reliability, availability and efficiency, and creates the next paradigm for on-site power management.



US-based sensor manufacturer Macro Sensors is now an approved LVDT supplier for General Electric (GE) gas turbines.  The LVDTs are implemented for position measurement on governor valves, throttle valves, reheat/stop valves, interceptor valves, and many other control valves.

While Macro Sensors has been certified for use on GE steam turbines for years, the company expanded its sensor certifications to include ATEX and CSA approval to be included on GE gas turbines.

7FA fuel flexibility

GE has introduced flexible fuel-blending technology for its Frame 7FA gas turbines that enables turbine operators to lower their fuel costs and overall operating expenses by reducing the amount of natural gas fuel required by the turbines, while also offering a more efficient use of process gases.

The first application of this new system is four GE Frame 7FA Gas Turbines at Dow Chemical Company’s Plaquemine, La., facility.

China nuclear



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