Flexible disc and diaphragm couplings offer great performance

With the ever-increasing demand in turbomachinery applications of couplings that connect various pieces of equipment, greater performance is required of them. Traditionally, gear couplings were used in these applications but required constant lubrication to extend their life. They would eventually wear out and need replacement. For many years, new turbomachinery applications have been using metallic flexible element couplings which are designed for infinite life and have much lower maintenance requirements.

Latest developments displayed at pump symposium

This year's Turbomachinery Symposium in Houston included a parallel Pumps Symposium and Exhibit. Turbomachinery International took the opportunity to interview pumps manufacturers about the latest trends and technologies. 3MPumps discussed multistage centrifugal pumps while Ebara International Corporation called attention to the problems that eddy currents cause centrifugal pumps and expanders, and how these could be resolved.

HEI releases 1st edition of Standards

The Heat Exchange Institute (HEI) recently released the first edition of Standards for Air Cooled Condensers. The Standard offers technical information from the combined expertise of the members of the HEI Air Cooled Condenser Section and includes typical purchaser requirements. HEI Standards are used throughout the world for the design, manufacture, and operation of HEI scope equipment.

In addition, the standard outlines the important design criteria for air cooled condensers and provides practical information on nomenclature, dimensions, testing, and performance.

Alstom GT24 gas turbine boosts operational flexibility

The next generation of the Alstom GT24 gas turbine has been designed to deliver over 230 MW at 40% efficiency (heat rate of 8'571 Btu/kWh). The corresponding KA24 CCPP can achieve 700 MW output in a 2-on-1 configuration and operate at greater than 60% efficiency and a heat rate of less than 5,714 Btu/KWh.

Design and operating considerations for combined cycle plants

The prevailing economic conditions, volatility of fuel prices, changing regulation of emissions, varying supply and demand as related to capacity margins and unfavorable public perception of coal and nuclear technologies have brought uncertainty in today's energy market.

Shell announces arrival of GTL

Shell Lubricants announced recently the arrival of its first shipment of gas-to-liquid (GTL) base oil at the Port of Houston. The product, the first from the Qatar-based Pearl GTL plant to reach the Americas, will be stored at a hub in Houston and routed to Shell Lubricants' GTL-enabled blending facilities throughout the United States.

Once the Pearl GTL plant starts operating at full capacity, it will be one of the world's largest sources of lubricant base oils with the capacity to produce about 30,000 barrels per day, enough to fill 225 million cars per year.

Emir of Qatar inaugurates Pearl GTL Project

The Emir of Qatar formally inaugurated the Pearl Gas to Liquids (GTL) Project, the largest GTL plant in the world, today. The project has been jointly developed by Qatar Petroleum and Shell. Pearl GTL turns natural gas into high quality liquid fuels and products using innovative technology and engineering.

TCT opens new repair facility


TransCanada Turbines (TCT) has opened a new 220,000 ft2 overhaul and repair facility in Airdrie, Alberta. The new facility houses production, project management and support staff for TCT’s GE Level 4 and Rolls-Royce MROC services, and replaces the old facilities in Calgary and Airdrie.

GE launches remote condition monitoring center


Renewables and gas infrastructure

While there has been extensive discussion and analysis of the requirements for integration of renewableelectricity generators with the electric grid, there has been much less focus on the interactions with thenatural gas grid, which, nevertheless, could be significant. There is widespread agreement that gas-based generation will be an important component of renewable integration but there has been little detailed analysis to date of the potential interactions between the electric and natural gas systems.


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