Siemens to supply steam turbines for Indian solar plants

Siemens Energy recently won three orders by different customers to supply a total of four steam turbine generator units for solar thermal power plants in Rajasthan, India. The steam turbines of type SST-700, with a rated output of up to 175 MW, are intended for the Godawari, Abhijeet and Diwakar & KVK parabolic trough power plants. With a total rating of 300 MW, these plants will contribute to India's growing electricity demand from solar power when they go online in 2013.

Hydrocarbons in combined cycles

After an overview of the compact models and efficiencies of combined cycle plants in the previous article, the application of hydrocarbons in the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and the Cascading Closed Loop Cycle (CCLC) is discussed here.

Latest combined cycle plants

The combined impact of the gas and steam turbines was discussed in the previous part of this series. In this article, we learn more about the combined cycles and how they can be optimized for increased efficiency and maximum power output.

7FA Dual-Fuel Nozzle conversion

A recent project involved the installation of six Frame 7 Dry Low NOx 1.0 Dual Fuel units in Venezuela, and a decision was made to convert the fuel nozzles from a gas-only unit to a dual-fuel configuration. This decision was taken after determining that the lead time to supply all of the required sets would not meet schedule demands.

Hydrogen fuel blending system for GE 7FA turbines

GE 7FA Gas Turbines equipped with Dry Low NOx (DLN) combustion systems are often deployed in 100% pipeline natural gas applications. Although natural gas is available, some industrial and petrochemical sites prefer to look for ways to utilize process gases produced on-site to reduce plant operating costs.

Double impact: gas and steam turbines

In the previous part of this series, we saw how energy efficiencies of aircraft jet engines jumped, and how significant advancements were made further. In this article, we will discuss combined cycles.

2.5MW condensing turbine generator shipped to HTC campus

A new program: "Turbine Generator Maintenance, Inspection and Repair," which includes the construction and presentation of a 2.5MW condensing turbine generator, was recently started during during TGM's bi-annual Operations and Training Seminar at High Tech Central (HTC) Main Campus, 3800 Michigan Avenue, Fort Myers, FL. Although small, this particular turbine generator is representative of much larger units used in power plants throughout Florida and the US.

Electric vehicles

Every 10,000 miles driven in an electric vehicle (EV) equates to the amount of power needed by one home in the USA for a year, said Donald Karner, President and CEO of electric vehicle (EV) vendor ECOtality North America, at this year’s PowerGen conference.

New engine modifications for greater output and efficiency

Industrial gas turbine performance by OEMs and the bold moves taken by GE and Westinghouse to produce larger units were discussed in the third part of this series. More innovative models and modifications were introduced by Brown Boveri and GE in the coming years, for greater efficiency.

Southern Research develops new methods to capture pollutants

Engineers and technicians at the Birmingham-based Southern Research Institute have come up with new methods to measure the levels of mercury, trace elements, hydrogen chloride, and fine particles being emitted from power plants. Robert Dahlin, director of Southern Research's Power Systems and Environmental Research in Alabama said many plants have already installed or are in the process of installing scrubbers that can be optimized for capturing certain pollutants.


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