The market

A year ago, Axford Turbine Consultants ( predicted that GT orders for U.S. job sites would be down 9 percent and worldwide orders would rise by 7 percent.


In waterwashing, the water pressure and temperature are controlled and chemicals added to maintain water quality, which is crucial to the cleaning action. Recent waterwash skids, however, incorporate Moisture Recovery Units (MRU) that generate pure water. The conductivity of water is a good measure of its purity. The less conductive the water is, the more pure. An MRU can provide the required megaohm level needed to assure foreign film deposition extraction during the 10 to 20 minute (turbine size) wash sequence.


Mega utility

Duke Energy Corp. and Progress Energy, Inc. have filed applications seeking regulatory approval of the merger the companies announced Jan. 10. An application to the N.C. Utilities Commission (NCUC) filed today outlines numerous customer benefits that will occur as a result of the merger. They include:


Bog-down control

Gas turbines are commonly used to drive large compressor systems that are used, for example, in the refrigeration cycles of processes for liquefying natural gas. In order to maximize the efficiency of such turbine/compressor systems, the gas turbines are typically operated at or near their maximum rated speed and load. Various changes in the operating parameters of a turbine/compressor system may cause the turbine to slow down.

7FA validation

GE has employed an incremental approach for the 7FA.05 gas turbine, which is the latest evolution of its F class. The gas turbine produces over 180 MW in simple cycle. Only existing proven technologies are used in the machine. These include: 


Aviation heritage compressor design utilized on Heavy Duty Gas Turbines  (GE5, GE10, 5002E, 6C ) 

GE buys converteam

GE Energy has entered into an agreement to acquire approximately 90% of

Converteam, a leading provider of electrification and automation

equipment and systems, for approximately $3.2 billion. 


IGCC sequential combustion

A patent has been awarded to Adnan Eroglu, Jaan Hellat Felix Guethe and Peter Flohr (Assignee: Alstom Technology Ltd.) for a method to operate a gas turbine with sequential combustion to an Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) plant. Alstom gas turbines, such as GT24 and GT 26, feature sequential combustion with reheating by a second combustion chamber. This offers the possibility of operating each of the combustion chambers with different fuels.

Data center


Syracuse University – regularly ranked among the Top 100 in the United States –opened the Green Data Center in December 2009. The 12,000 square foot facility is designed to use 50 percent less energy and produce fewer greenhouse gasses than traditional data centers.



Syracuse, New York, USA

landfill gas

FlexEnergy's Powerstation technology, which uses microturbines formerly of Ingersoll-Rand, will allow the Department of Defense's (DoD) Fort Benning, Ga. base to convert its landfill gas, an unconventional energy source, into renewable energy. FlexEnergy will deliver two powerstations in collaboration with Southern Research Institute (SRI) through the DoD's ESTCP (Environmental Security Technology Certification Program).


Dresser-Rand waste heat recovery

Dresser-Rand Company has entered into an agreement with Echogen Power Systems of Akron, Ohio under which Dresser-Rand will acquire a minority interest in Echogen as well as certain license and exclusive market rights to Echogen's technologies and intellectual property. Dresser-Rand's investment will be used to advance Echogen's technology development, including the design and construction of waste heat recovery systems utilizing turbo-expanders provided by Dresser-Rand.



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