Every successful installation starts with a good foundation

Every installation needs an adequate foundation.  For pumps, there are three basic classes of equipment that require different styles of foundations.  An excellent source for further information is Process Industry Practices (PIP) document REIE686 which is a joint document with API which titles it RP686.  PIP has a supplemental document REIE686A that has additional information.

Isothermal and intercooled compression

An isothermal compressor is an old dream of the engineer, based on the value of lower specific power consumption (per unit mass) compared with regular (adiabatic) compressors. This technology could improve the efficiency of gas turbines and related plants. And it can save power in many compression jobs in process plants, especially in cases of high pressure ratio.

More on rotor misalignment

The misalignment of turbomachine train rotors is the second most common malfunction of turbomachineries (the first most common malfunction is unbalance). Turbomachine alignment procedures have been involving quite sophisticated laser-optic instrumentations.

Testing for unbalance

Unbalance is the most common malfunction in turbomachines.

Practical Notes on Gas Turbine Selection - Heavy Frame or Aero-Derivative


A heavy duty gas turbine (GE 10, left) and an aeroderivative LM6000.

Technical Notes on gas turbines


Technical notes on gas turbine starting device, starting, reference check, component life, inspection, sizing and speed range selection are discussed. The main concerns are gas turbine arrangement and operation solution to obtain optimum fuel consumption, low emission and reasonable reliability.


Tutorial on Modern Gas Turbines


The growth of the gas turbine application in recent decades has been brought about most significantly by four factors:

1- Metallurgical advances that have made possible the employment of high temperatures in turbine components (especially turbine blades) and the combustors.

2- The cumulative background of aerodynamic and thermodynamic knowledge (especially from aircraft and spacecraft industries).

Watson fogging

Here's a summary of a paper presented by Steve Ingistov, PE, BP/WCC and Mustapha Chaker of Bechtel Corporation about the Watson Cogeneration Company (WCC) plant at the ASME/IGTI conference in 2011. The plant was fully commissioned during the first part of 1988, consists of four GE 7EA gas turbines, two Dresser-Rand Steam Turbines and four dualpressure heat recovery steam generators.

Optimum Design of Turbo-Compressor


Turbo-compressors are flexible, efficient, and have wide range of application. Optimum configuration of turbo-compressors regarding inter-stage pressures, stage curve and auxiliaries are discussed.



Turbomachinery: Outdoor Installation


Turbomachine design and arrangement is often complex and optimization must be made between the mechanical requirements, electrical specification, auxiliary equipment design, operation, reliability, commercial and maintenance.




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