Dry gas seal, problems

Common dry gas seal failures are discussed below along with their causes and remedies. This is from a case study by Rajmal Majhi and Riccardo Schiappacasse of GE Oil & Gas Global Services Engineering presented at the first Middle East Turbomachinery Symposium (Feb. 14-16) in Qatar.


* Inadequate fuel gas pressure during start up

Turbomachinery Fundamentals

Recuperators have been used by a number of manufacturers to increase their gas turbine's efficiency. The recuperator is a heat exchanger that utilizes the gas turbine's hot exhaust air to pre-heat the combustion air. If done properly, theoretical efficiency improvements up to 20% are possible over a wide operating range. This advanced cycle is often applied to small to mid-size electrical power generation gas turbines (30 kW to 6 MW) so that they can compete with reciprocating engines on efficiency. 



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