Pete Baldwin

Peter Baldwin has been involved in all aspects of the gas turbine and compressor industries for 47 years. Pete is currently consulting to the industry as base-e, his Boston-based independent consulting company focused on practical product positioning and commercialization strategies for distributed energy technologies, gas turbines and various air and gas compression interests. Pete is the immediate past President of Ramgen Power Systems, a Seattle-based developer of an advanced shock compression technology intended for utility-scale use. 

Leonid Moroz

Leonid Moroz is the Founder & CEO of SoftInWay and has over 30 years experience in turbomachinery designing flow path for gas turbines up to 115MW and steam turbines up to 1000MW. At SoftInWay, he leads the development of AxSTREAM, the “gold standard” software suite for conceptual design and optimization of turbomachinery, and advises the consulting team on turbomachinery design projects.

Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas has 35 years of rotating equipment experience in industry and currently holds the position of Global Services Manager for Metrix Instrument Company. Prior to his current position, his work experience included 11 years as a rotating equipment engineer in the petrochemical industry; 17 years in the Engineering Services Department of Bently Nevada Corporation; and 6 years as the Global Services Manager for RoMaDyn Corporation.

Joe Wilkes

Joseph Wilkes is Kingsbury's Vice President of Engineering. He is currently responsible for overseeing all aspects of the engineering department, including bearing design, analysis, troubleshooting, research and development, and testing. Wilkes has traveled around the world to give technical presentations and troubleshoot bearing problems.

Amin Almasi

Amin Almasi is senior rotating equipment consultant in Australia. He is chartered professional engineer from Engineers Australia and IMechE and registered professional engineer in Australia and Queensland (M.Sc. and B.Sc. in mechanical engineering). He specializes in rotating equipment, condition monitoring and reliability.

Frank Kushner

Frank Kushner is an independent Consulting Engineer specializing in dynamics and acoustics testing and analysis. He has had 42 years of experience with industrial turbomachinery, mostly with the Elliott Company, and four years previous experience with the jet engine combustion section development group at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft. Mr. Kushner holds patents for a blade damping mechanism and a method to prevent a one-cell rotating stall in centrifugal compressors.

Ivan Rice

Ivan Rice has over 60 years of experience in the gas turbine industry starting as a test engineer at GE. Rice  was past chairman of the South Texas Section of ASME (1974 - 75), past chairman of the ASME Gas Turbine Division (now IGTI) (1975 - 76). Rice holds 18 US and foreign patents on steam cooling, reheat, intercooling and HRSGs. He is also the inventor of  the integrated steam/gas cycle (called the Rice cycle by the editor of the ASME news letter, Dr. Lee  Langstrom) whereby cold reheat steam is used to cool the gas turbine hot gas parts and then returned to the steam turbine as reheated steam.