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Voith/BHS technology day Late last year, Voith/BHS held a technology day in Sonthofen, Germany. Some 95 turbomachinery experts were present, representing OEMs, engineering companies and end users from industries such as oil & gas, petrochemicals, industrial gases and power. An initial presentation focused upon the company’s gearing capabilities. Wolfgang, Sautter, Managing Director of Voith Gears, talked about the steady advances in power, speed and pitch line velocity over many decades (See chart). “The future will be about combinations of higher power, speed and efficiency, while lowering oil consumption and noise,” said Sautter. He called attention to an integral gear that Voith provided for a mega project used for purified terephthalic acid (PTA is used in the production of plastic bottles and clothing) in China. This 4,600 mm shaft offset model transmits around 50,000 kW. Known as the WGC5-460TZ, its five compressor pinions are driven by a steam turbine and an electrical motor supplied to MAN Turbo AG. According to Sautter, it currently is the largest gear unit ever built. Using a ballpark figure for technical feasibility, Sautter said, the following levels can be achieved: • Parallel Shaft Gears: 140 MW or 30,000 rpm • Integral Gears: 50 MW or 60,000 ...
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