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SIEMENS INTRODUCES 37 MW MODEL; P & W ANNOUNCES AERODERIVATIVE GAS TURBINE This year’s PowerGen conference featured a number of big announcements on the turbomachinery front. Siemens launched a 37 MW GT, showcasing it in a surround-sound dome in the exhibit hall. And Pratt & Whitney Power Systems announced the imminent arrival of the long-anticipated FT4000 gas turbine which is derived from the PW4000 turbofan jet engine. Siemens SGT-750 With a capacity of 37 MW, the SGT-750 has been released to close the gap in the Siemens portfolio, which previously jumped from 5 to 50 MW. It can be employed for power generation and as a mechanical drive. In the latter use case, this twin-shaft turbine can reach an efficiency level of 40%. The SGT-750 can be used for peak or baseload operation, and like all recent Siemens releases, it can accommodate fast startup and cycling. According to the company, offsite maintenance work accounts for 17 days of downtime over a 17-year span. “This is achieved by utilizing a spare gas generator, since the SGT-750 package is designed for a 24-hour gas generator exchange,” said Anders Hellberg, the SGT- 750 ProductManager. Scheduled maintenance stops occur at 34,000 and 102,000 hours ...
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