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Each year in our Handbook, we feature reports on the state of the industry which include forecasts for the coming year. According to both sources, the outlook is healthier for the gas turbine (GT) sector as a whole. In the cover story, Bill Schmalzer of Forecast International slices and dices the numbers surroundingGTs.Most notable is a surge in sales from 1,099 units ($12.185 billion in revenue) in 2010 to 1,335 units ($15.375 billion) in 2013.While not as spectacular as the late nineties boom, that is still an impressive jump. It is also noteworthy that just about every number in the latest forecast is greater than in the prior year. That Forecast International’s estimates are about 10% higher this year bodes well for the industry. Schmalzer states that revenues are expected to stay in the $15 billion or so range through 2020, though unit production should fall to below 1,200 by the end of the decade. To understandwhy, it is necessary to break the market down into its various size categories. By doing so, it becomes apparent that all size strata above 10 MW stay relatively flat from 2013. Microturbines and models below 10 MW, on the other hand, are the ...
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