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GAS REMAINS THE LOGICAL CHOICE FOR A MAJORITY OF NEW POWER PLANT PROJECTS, AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO FOR YEARS TO COME During the last year, two major events occurred that will contribute to increased demand for gas turbines for power generation. The Fukushima nuclear reactor incident will most likely result in a worldwide decrease in new nuclear power plant construction, and resulting increase in combined cycle construction. Germany relied on nuclear power for 23% of its electricity, but shut down eight of its plants last March, and announced plans to phase out all civil nuclear power plants by 2020. The second event was the announcement by four major OEMs – Alstom, GE, Mitsubishi and Siemens – that they have broken the 60% efficiency barrier (July/August 2011, p. 18), making combined cycle plants even more desirable. Manufacturers are gearing up to meet the increasing number of orders for gas turbines,with the current trend towards natural gas as the fuel of choice. Alstom has announced the launch of its upgraded GT24 gas turbine and the correspondingKA24 combined cycle power plant offering for the 60Hz market, to be manufactured in Chattanooga, TN. GE posted one billion dollars in North American annual ...
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