TurboTime: Q&A with L.A. Turbine’s Troy O’Steen, Industry News from Aero Turbines, Scottish Energy Center

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This week's Turbo Blast covers how MAN Energy Solutions ships salt-operated reactors, an expansion by Precision Aviation Group, and other industry news as well as a Q&A with L.A. Turbine's Director of Sales Troy O'Steen.

In this Turbo Blast, we review this week’s industry news: MAN Energy Solutions has built and shipped three salt-operated reactors for a maleic anhydride plant in China, which will produce biodegradable plastics. Precision Aviation Group has expanded its engine services by acquiring PTB Group, specializing in maintenance, repair, and operation (MRO) services for Pratt & Whitney and Honeywell engines. Doosan Škoda Power will supply a steam turbine unit for the South Clyde Energy Center in Scotland, aiming to generate power for 70,000 households. In smaller news, GE provides six gas turbines for Taiwan's Tung Hsiao Power Plant Renewal Project, Baker Hughes collaborates with HIF Global on direct air capture technology, and Siemens Energy will supply gas turbine technology for a power plant in Romania. Lastly, we cover the highlights of our Q&A with L.A. Turbine's Troy O'Steen, who discusses the growing demand for LNG applications and the future of LNG in modular mid-scale designs.