TurboTime: Atlas Copco R&D, SpiderMaxx, Carbon Capture Tech Partnership

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Online Editor Tim Lukac reports on Atlas Copco starting operations for two facilities in the United States, Freudenberg releasing a new inlet cassette filter, and more.


This is Online Editor Tim Lukac reporting the Turbomachinery International News Blast for the week of Jan. 1, 2023.

Atlas Copco is beginning operations for two facilities in the United States—one for manufacturing, the other for R&D. Both are dedicated to vacuum pumps and other essential equipment for the semiconductor industry.

Freudenberg is releasing a new inlet cassette filter for gas turbines and compressors in the form of the spiderMaxx. The concentric spider web design distributes variable mechanical loads during operation.

ExxonMobil and MHI are teaming up to deploy carbon capture solution tech. They’re building on the Kansai Mitsubishi Carbon Dioxide Recovery Process developed by MHI and KEPCO.


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