12 LM6000s shipped to Israel

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GE has shipped 12 LM6000-PC Sprint aeroderivative gas turbine-generators to the Dorad Energy power plant in Ashkelon, Israel, to fulfill part of its $200 million contract with Wood Group GTS. The plant will play a critical role in enhancing the reliability of Israel’s electric system and will be the largest, and one of the first, independent power plants built in Israel since the country deregulated its electricity markets several years ago.

The 50MW units will begin commercial operation in the second half of 2013. GE’s Veresegyház plant, located near Budapest, Hungary, is manufacturing the gas turbine-generators. 


Israel’s electric system has minimal reserve margin, or additional capacity at times of high use, and when power demand is extremely high, the potential exists for supply disruptions. Hot exhaust from the GE gas turbines will generate steam to power two steam turbine-generators.

Wood Group is the engineering, procurement and construction contractor for Dorad Energy. A unit of John Wood Group PLC, Wood Group GTS also is supplying the steam turbine-generators and related equipment.

End users from various sectors and the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) will purchase the power produced by the plant, and the IEC network will transmit and distribute it. Because of its critical importance, the plant will have the capability of using two different fuels, primarily natural gas but also oil distillates if required.

Within the last six months, GE has received contracts to provide an additional four LM6000 units for various power plant projects in Israel that will be located at Ramle, Ashdod and Ramat Negev, which will increase the total installed base of LM6000 gas turbines in Israel to 17 units.