2.5MW condensing turbine to be shipped to training campus

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A new program: "Turbine Generator Maintenance, Inspection and Repair," which includes the construction and presentation of a 2.5MW condensing turbine generator, was recently started during during TGM's bi-annual Operations and Training Seminar at High Tech Central (HTC) Main Campus, 3800 Michigan Avenue, Fort Myers, FL. Although small, this particular turbine generator is representative of much larger units used in power plants throughout Florida and the US.


HTC acquired the used steam turbine generator from the power plant at the University of Portland, OR, and it was refurbished at TGM's Training and Logistics Center in Knoxville, TN. It will be shipped in pieces to the HTC Fort Myers Main Campus soon, and the students enrolled in the new program will receive invaluable hands-on training by putting it together as a permanent training tool.

In September last year, a partnership between Lee County High Tech Center Central and Cape Coral business, Turbine Generator Maintenance Inc., was formed to create this program. Thirteen students are enrolled in the program which was designed to apprentice individuals into the rewarding and well-paying turbine generator industry.