225MW gas turbine plant in Myanmar to cost $40m

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The International Finance Corporation (IFC) is planning to invest $40 million in a 225MW combined cycle gas turbine power plant at Mandalay in Myanmar, in the form of debt financing. The project facilities will occupy about 11.6 hectares and the project site will be situated within a larger 280-hectare government-owned site.



The plant will include two sets of gas turbine units, two sets of heat recovery steam generator, one steam turbine generating unit, a switchyard area, cooling water system, demineralized water system and a waste water treatment. It will be connected to the Myingyan Steel Mill sub-station. Its commercial operation is expected to start by 2018.


The power plant will be built by a consortium of companies including, the Singapore-based Sembcorp Utilities Pte Ltd and MMID Utilities Pte Ltd,  according to the project details stated at the website of IFC. The project is expected to start early 2016 and is likely to be completed in 22 months.