40 HRSGs ordered for Saudi combined cycle project

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NEM has secured the order from Arabian Bemco Contracting Co. Ltd. in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for 40 unfired dual pressure Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) for the PP10 Combined Cycle Power Plant project. These steam generators with integral deaerator are of the vertical gas flow natural circulation type.

The existing PP10 facility, an open cycle power plant, is located on the outskirts of


Riyadh City in the central province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and will be converted to a combined cycle facility. The new power plant will consist of ten blocks, arranged in 4-on-1 configuration. The gas turbines are site-rated at 55.91 MW per unit and will operate mainly on Arabian crude oil. The total capacity of the power plant will be increased from approximately 2,200 MW to approximately 3,500 MW.

With this project, worth several hundred million dollars, NEM has secured a position in the HRSG market, and once fully operational, the power plant will be the largest combined cycle power plant in the world. Arabian Bemco Contracting Co. Ltd., as EPC contractor, has over 22,000 MW of power plant capacity projects. The PP10 Power Plant is owned by Saudi Electricity Company (SEC). Construction of the simple cycle gas turbine plant has recently been completed and consists of forty GE Frame 7EA Gas Turbines. Ultimately, it will provide approximately twenty percent of the power for the city of Riyadh, which has over 5.2 million inhabitants.