Aeroderivatives at CHP plant in Russia beef up reserve power

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Two GE LM6000-PF Sprint gas turbines have been commissioned at a combined heat and power plant (CHP-1) in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, owned by OJSC (RAO Energy System of East). The two GE gas turbines make up the fifth generating block on-site. 

Before the launch of the fifth block, Sakhalin lacked the required reserve capacity, and there were shortages when some generators were switched off. New power generation will provide the necessary reserve power capacity (109 MW). In addition, this also will allow phasing out obsolete generators at Sakhalin GRES power plant (12 MW will be decommissioned this year).

The total project cost is 3.3 billion rubles. The project was fully funded by OAO RAO Energy System of East. 



In addition to participating in construction of the fifth generating block, OAO RAO Energy System of East, which is one of the shareholders of OAO Sakhalin Energy Company, took part in construction of the fourth generating block at Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk CHP where GE’s LM6000-PF Sprint gas turbines also will be used. Its planned electric capacity is139.1 MW and thermal capacity is 133.5 Gcal/h. After the launch of the fourth generating unit, the reserve capacity in Sakhalin will reach 164 MW.