AFL Launches Verrillon VHS400 Series for Harsh Environments

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The VHS400 series optical fibers’ silica core is useful for the harsh environments found in the oil and gas, industrial, geothermal, and military industries.

AFL, a manufacturer specializing in optical fibers, fiber optic cables, connectivity, accessories, and equipment, has announced the launch of its VHS400 Series. The Verrillon line of specialty optical fibers is designed to endure ultra-harsh environments within the oil and gas, industrial, geothermal, and military markets.

The VHS400 Series is a pure silica core, dual-wavelength, single-mode optical fiber optimized for use at both 1310 nm and 1550 nm wavelengths. With an entirely down-doped cladding design, the VHS400 Series fibers have a nine times bend loss improvement compared to commercial pure silica core fiber designs. Additionally, the VHS400 Series' pure silica core chemistry delivers superior performance against hydrogen darkening.

Dr. Abdel Soufiane, General Manager and CTO for AFL’s Specialty Fiber Division, explained, "Our VHS500 is a pure silica core single-mode fiber designed for 1550 nm operation and has been deployed in hundreds of harsh environment applications since 2012. The new VHS400 will allow our customers to use this same fiber design for applications that require single-mode operation at 1310 nm and 1550 nm." He added, "The VHS400 has unmatched performance when exposed to harsh environments with exceptionally low bend loss."


The VHS400 fiber family is manufactured with various coatings, including carbon, silicone/PFA, mid-temp acrylate, and polyimide, enabling it to withstand high temperatures and hydrogen-containing atmospheres. The carbon coating offers hermeticity against water and hydrogen in downhole applications, as well as improved fatigue resistance in long-term deployments.

The VHS400 fiber series is available at proof test levels of 100 kpsi and 200 kpsi.