Aggreko Introduces Large Node, Hastelloy-C Crossflow Heat Exchangers

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The company’s new rental heat exchanger fleets aims to enhance petrochemical and refinery operations.

Aggreko, a provider of mobile modular power, temperature control, and energy solutions, has announced the launch of two new rental heat exchanger fleets: the Large Node Heat Exchanger and the Hastelloy-C Crossflow Heat Exchanger. These products are designed to support customers in petrochemical and refinery operations, helping maintain production rates and improve equipment processes.

The Large Node Heat Exchanger can help petrochemical and refinery customers reduce their carbon footprint by replacing multiple smaller heat exchangers with a single unit, the company says. This feature is particularly beneficial for plants and refineries with limited space. Moreover, Aggreko can install the Large Node Heat Exchanger with minimal disruption to production, ensuring a smooth integration into existing operations.

Constructed from a corrosion-resistant nickel alloy, the Hastelloy-C Crossflow Heat Exchanger is specifically designed for applications in petrochemical plants, refineries, and complex chemical contexts. This material resists corrosive chemicals and gases, making the Hastelloy-C Crossflow Heat Exchanger suitable for PCR applications.


Yvonne McAnally, Product Leader at Aggreko North America, commented on the company's unique position in the industry: “We’re excited to position ourselves as the only temperature control provider that offers a Hastelloy heat exchanger, along with the industry’s largest exchanger. We’ve long been known as a reliable provider of high-quality heat exchangers that ensure petrochemical and refining facilities can maintain production during maintenance periods and emergency repairs – and we’re pleased to now offer those same services for even more unique applications.”