Air intake for gas turbines in Iraqi combined cycle

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CTM Ambiente has designed and implemented the supply of 6 complete air intakes for the Rumaila combined cycle power plant. Each gas turbine has a raped power of 180 MW. The first unit was synchronized with the Iraqi national network on 9 June 2018.

Rumaila power station is located in the proximity of the city of Basra, in southern Iraq, in one of the most exposed areas to sandstorms of the planet.

The air intake is a self-cleaning type with a pulse jet system with a pre-filtration section of accumulation type, to maximize the lifetime of high efficiency filters.

The air flow rate is about 1,600,000 Nm3 /h for each unit.

The system includes:


2 pre-filtration stages of accumulation with efficiency G3 and M6 according to ISO EN 779

1 stage of self-cleaning filters with efficiency F9 according to ISO EN 779

The pressure loss of very limited because the filtration speed has been kept very low.