Air Liquide, ENEOS Sign MoU for Low-Carbon Hydrogen in Japan

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The agreement will accelerate Japan’s development of low-carbon hydrogen across the value chain, including production, liquefaction, storage, etc.

Air Liquide and the ENEOS Corporation have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for a partnership that will advance the development of low-carbon hydrogen in Japan to assist the energy transition. The partnership will rely on ENEOS’ energy infrastructure and market presence in Japan, as well as Air Liquide’s experience across the hydrogen value chain. Air Liquide will leverage its expertise in hydrogen production, liquefaction, transport, storage, distribution, and carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS).

“This collaboration, which will span the whole value chain of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen, will combine the strengths of two leaders in their field,” said Armelle Levieux, Vice President of Innovation, Air Liquide. “As such, it can significantly contribute to the development of hydrogen as a key element of decarbonization of industry and mobility in Japan. This partnership is in line with our strategic plan ADVANCE, which closely links financial and extra-financial performances.”


The partnership will address the upstream and downstream facets of a low-carbon hydrogen value chain. Upstream, the partners will study the development of hydrogen production using CCUS and electrolysis technologies. Air Liquide and ENEOS will also explore a possible collaboration for the development of an international liquid hydrogen supply chain to serve the Japanese market.

Downstream, the partners will implement joint initiatives to develop hydrogen mobility in Japan, including through a hydrogen refueling station infrastructure. In addition to upstream and downstream collaboration, Air Liquide and ENEOS will explore innovation along the developed hydrogen supply chain.

“Under the ENEOS Group’s long-term vision to 2040, we are taking on the challenge of achieving both a stable supply of energy and materials and the realization of a carbon-neutral society,” said Tomohide Miyata, Executive Vice President, ENEOS. “We believe the collaboration with Air Liquide will also serve as a basis for leading energy transition and continue to support energy supply in Japan in a carbon neutral society. ENEOS is currently considering MCH as our main hydrogen carrier, but through this MOU, we also pursue the exploration of liquefied hydrogen.”