Air separation units supplying to China's key energy project

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Air Products, a world-leading industrial gases company, today announced its three large air separation units (ASUs) in Hangjinqi, Inner Mongolia, for Inner Mongolia Yitai Chemical Co. Ltd. (Yitai Chemical) have come on-stream. The world-scale facilities supply more than 9,000 tons per day of gasesous oxygen, four pressure levels of gasesous nitrogen, instrument air, and plant air to Yitai Chemical's leading fine chemical demonstration project, which produces 1.2 million tons of high-quality fine chemical products annually.

Yitai Chemical is wholly owned by Inner Mongolia Yitai Group Co. Ltd., a leading coal group and one of the top 10 private companies in 


. It is also the largest coal group in Inner Mongolia, which also has major coal-to-energy and chemical investments in Xinjiang.

Air Products' large ASU trains are equipped with state-of-the-art air compressors, and design and technology advancements to enhance energy efficiency and minimize operational costs for the customer. In addition, a pioneering closed-circuit water cooling system is installed to help reduce water use.

Air Products has been operating in 


 since 1987 and enabling customers to meet their productivity, energy efficiency and environmental targets with its integrated gases supply, sustainable solutions and expertise. The company has built many world-scale ASU facilities in the country supplying large tonnage quantities of industrial gases to significant energy projects for customers including Weihe Clean Energy Co., Pucheng Clean Energy Co. and Shaanxi Future Energy Co. in 

Shaanxi Province


 and Shanxi Lu'an Mining Group. Among them are some of the world's largest ASU orders ever awarded to an industrial gas company.



, the company is building the world's largest industrial gas complex, capable of supplying 75,000 metric tons per day (20,000 oxygen and 55,000 nitrogen) to Saudi Aramco's refinery being built in Jazan, 

Saudi Arabia

. Some key process equipment is designed and manufactured by Air Products' engineering and manufacturing teams in 

Shanghai, China