Alstom to access Chinese turbine market with GT13E2 license agreement

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Alstom has recently signed a long-term agreement with Harbin Turbine (HTC) to license its GT13E2 gas turbine for manufacture, assembly and sales in China. As per the agreement, HTC will manufacture and assemble the GT13E2 gas turbine in China, while Alstom will supply some of the critical components.


Through the deal Alstom is expecting to gain better access in the Chinese market and supply its GT13E2 E-class turbine through HTC. The two companies are also expected to set up a service joint venture to serve the Chinese GT13E2 customers.

Alstom Gas Business senior vice president Mark Coxon said the long term agreement between the two companies will address the needs and the challenges of a growing gas turbine market. "Both Alstom and Harbin bring vital qualities and expertise to the table, and together they will make the GT13E2 - with its leading performance in its market segment - an indispensable part of our Chinese customers' generation portfolio."