An explosion of orders for gas turbines

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A LMS 100 aeroderivative gas turbine.


Orders for gas turbines in the U.S. were up 31% (expressed in total MW) and worldwide 54% for 2011 compared to the previous year. This is a stronger rebound than anyone expected. This rebound does not mean the U.S. has recovered to anywhere near the levels reached over a decade ago. It is in the rest of the world that has almost returned to those levels. That adds up to 75,000 MW of GT orders last year, which is the second largest year ever (2000 was the highest).

The U.S. had 5700 MW of GT orders last year. Interestingly, China’s almost 13,000 MW represents the first year that China’s GT orders have exceeded GT orders in USA. The reason: China is finally exploiting an abundance of gas in the Northwest of the country. A large pipeline utilizes GTs driving compressors to take that gas to Shanghai. As a result, the country is also building plenty of gas-fired power plants, and almost all of them are combined cycle.

Another trend that is apparent from the global picture is a gradual shifting away from Europe and North America as the principle markets. Asia at 37% of global MW and the Middle East at 21% are both ahead of the traditional Western markets in 2012. Over time, we are seeing a definite tilt in gas turbine orders towards developing countries.

You can read the complete report in the May June issue of Turbomachinery International.