Ansaldo Energia Powers Chinese Plant with GT36 Gas Turbines

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A combined-cycle plant in the Minhang Industrial Zone has entered commercial operation with Ansaldo Energia’s GT36 gas turbine technology.

The combined-cycle plant within the Minhang Industrial Zone of China has entered commercial operation, powered by Ansaldo Energia’s GT36 gas turbines. The station underwent a transformation from coal power to clean energy, utilizing the company’s gas turbine technology to deliver efficiency and reliability for power generation.

In addition to achieving performance expectations, the plant adheres to China’s stringent emission standards and environmental compliance regulations. The GT36 power plant is a primary aspect of the Minhang Industrial Zone project, which aims to transform the site of a coal-fired power plant into a modern, efficient clean energy hub.


Ansaldo Energia’s currently-installed AE94.3A gas turbines complement the GT36 model, offering a wide range of power generation solutions to satisfy customer requirements. With successful operation and performance, the plant has already accumulated more than 1,000 operating hours to showcase the turbine’s stability and reliability.

Ansaldo Energia plans on establishing further collaborations with Chinese partners in order to contribute towards the country’s sustainable energy goals. Through a local joint venture with Shanghai Electric Gas Turbine, Ansaldo Energia has sold 80 gas turbines since 2014.