Ansaldo Energia Provides Gas Turbines, Generators for Almaty CHPP-3 Project

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Two AE94.2 gas turbines, two generators, and associated components will be delivered for Kazakhstan’s KBI Energy Group to upgrade the Almaty CHPP-3 power station.

Ansaldo Energia has signed a reservation agreement with Kazakhstan-based KBI Energy Group to provide two AE94.2 gas turbines, two generators, and auxiliary components for the Almaty CHPP-3 electricity station. The agreement provides for the customer’s pre-emption of the production lines against the payment of an advance on the total contract, which is expected to be signed in the coming months.

The early start of components production will allow for rapid deliveries, fulfilling customer needs more efficiently. KBI Energy, the EPC contractor for the Almaty CHPP-3 project, will use Ansaldo Energia’s equipment to upgrade the power station with natural gas-fired combined-cycle power units. The combined-cycle units will replace existing pulverized coal equipment at the power station.


“This agreement is an important signal in the commercial consolidation path of Ansaldo Energia and confirms the competitiveness of our products on a global scale,” said Stefano Gianatti, Executive Vice President of New Units, Ansaldo Energia. “We are sure that KBI Energy Group will be satisfied with our machines and services, and we are confident that this is the beginning of a long-lasting partnership in the Central Asia and Caucasus area, which is experiencing a phase of fast transformation, and which sees the creation of growing commercial links with Italy.”

Upon execution of the project, CO2 emissions per kWh produced may be reduced by more than 50% and emissions of particulate matter and other pollutants will be nearly eliminated. The increase in efficiency, compared to Almaty CHPP-3’s current system, will enable the customer to produce sustainable, low-cost electricity.

Combined cycles based on the AE94.2 gas turbine allow for high efficiency and an increased full-load capacity. The AE94.2 gas turbine is hydrogen-capable with a 40% hydrogen-natural gas fuel mix and features a highly flexible load capable of responding to the needs of the electricity grid in real-time. This turbine model has accrued 9 million hours of cumulative operation across 120 units installed globally, demonstrating operational efficiency and reliability.

In addition to the supply agreement, Ansaldo Energia and KBI Energy are discussing a long-term partnership in the power generation sector, which will focus on the technical expertise and maintenance of power generation equipment in Kazakhstan.