Ansaldo Energia Provides MXL3 Gas Turbine Upgrade at ENGIE Plant

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MXL3 upgrade technology has been installed for GT26 gas turbines at ENGIE’s Maxima Centrale combined-cycle power plant.

Ansaldo Energia completed the installation of MXL3 upgrade technology in GT26 gas turbines at ENGIE’s combined-cycle power plant, Maxima Unit 5 (Maxima Centrale). Upon testing of the upgraded GT26 turbines, efficiency was improved by nearly 3% to bring the total combined-cycle efficiency to 60% and provided a boost power output of 37 MW.

“Having reached this result in a very close co-operation is a great achievement for both companies,” said Reto Furrer, Ansaldo Energia, Executive Vice President Service. “We are pleased to have given ENGIE the tools to have a power plant that is ready to face the market challenges of the energy transition, guaranteeing a cleaner, more sustainable and flexible electricity production.”


Following the upgrade, Maxima Centrale entered service with improved efficiency and significant CO2 emission reduction. The combustor is prepared for the combustion of hydrogen and may enable the future co-firing of hydrogen by up to 45% of volume flow. The MXL3 upgrade requires minimal replacement of gas turbine parts to maintain low-cost installation. At Maxima Centrale, the MXL3 was implemented into the plant’s water stream cycle with no replacements or upgrades to the existing hardware.

“By acting as a launching customer for the introduction of the MXL3-upgrade at our Maxima power plant, ENGIE confirms its role as an innovative and responsible player in the energy market,” said Cedric Osterrieth, Managing Director, ENGIE Flexible Generation Europe. “Thanks to the MXL3-upgrade, we will explore the future use of low-carbon hydrogen, as the technology allows co-firing of hydrogen up to 45% in the fuel mix. This collaboration with Ansaldo demonstrates the important role of ENGIE’s generation assets in the energy transition towards carbon-neutrality by 2045.”

Ansaldo’s upgrade extends maintenance intervals to reduce the associated cost—maintenance can now be conducted after approximately 40,000 equivalent operating hours. In addition, the MXL3 upgrade is compatible with the entire GT26 gas turbine fleet and its flexible operation modes, M and XL, allow operators to switch between optimized performance and optimized maintenance cost profiles.