Ansaldo Nucleare Assumes Role in European SMR Alliance

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Ansaldo Nucleare will contribute to the development of SMRs within Europe through establishing new units, decommissioning old ones, extending plant life, and developing new fusion technologies.

During a meeting with Minister Pichetto Fratin, the Ansaldo Energia Group, including Ansaldo Nucleare, discussed its role in supporting the national energy security and technological innovation in the nuclear field. Fabrizio Fabbri, CEO of Ansaldo Energia Group, and Daniela Gentile, CEO of Ansaldo Nucleare, spoke about research and development activities on new forms of energy production with low CO2 impact.


The meeting referred to the announcement of the European alliance on SMRs made by the European Commission last Tuesday. Ansaldo Nucleare confirmed participation in this alliance, leveraging its expertise and technological skills to contribute to the nuclear market. The subsidiary will establish new units, decommission old ones, extend the life of plants in operation, and develop new technologies and fusion for the European SMR economy.

Ansaldo Energia Group is working with EDF and Edison on a potential industrial cooperation for European nuclear energy development in the field of SMRs. Westinghouse and other European partners are also working on the development and construction of lead-cooled SMRs.

As part of its contribution, Ansaldo Energia will search for professionals with proven experience to grow the research and implementation of nuclear and conventional energy activities. Ansaldo Nucleare, with the acquisition of new orders in the SMR market, has started the first phase of searching for new collaborators. This collaborator search is expected to bring approximately 30 people on board.