Ansaldo's GT36 to power combined cycle in Italy

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Edison, a leader in energy transition, is constructing a combined cycle powered by natural gas, in Presenzano in the province of Caserta.

The power plant will have a total capacity of about 760 MW and will adopt the best technology currently available, capable of ensuring an energy efficiency of approximately 63%, which makes it possible to obtain 40% less specific CO2 emissions compared to the average of Italian thermoelectric power plants. The technologies adopted will allow the company to ensure high environmental performances, also guaranteeing a reduction of more than 60% in nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions compared to current combined cycle plants of the same size, as well as limited use of the water resource. The total investment is 370 million euros and fully satisfies the economic criteria, taking into account plant's technical efficiency characteristics and the operating methods of the market in which it is destined to operate.

A high-efficiency GT36, H class, gas turbine will be installed in the Presenzano Thermoelectric Power Plant, developed by Ansaldo Energia, an example of national excellence and the best Italian technology. Construction is expected to commence at the start of 2020. Works to construct the power plant will last 30 months.

The Presenzano Combined Cycle will be equipped, in particular, with 1 GT36, H class, gas turbine with a capacity of approximately 505 MW, 1 recovery steam generator and 1 steam turbine with a capacity of roughly 255 MW.


The combined cycle powered by natural gas totally avoids sulphurous and dust emissions into the atmosphere and greatly reduces emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides with respect to a traditional plant powered by coal or fuel oil. In addition, the Presenzano power plant, by adopting the best technology currently available on the market, will ensure, in accordance with national energy policy, (Piano Integrato Energia Clima) new capacity, efficient and flexible for the benefit of the national electricity system, able to produce, based on the same gas used, a greater quantity of electrical energy with significantly less emissions.  

An average of 500 people will be involved in building the plant, in addition to the associated industries that will be generated during operations.

In 1992, Edison was the first in Italy to introduce the combined cycle supplied with natural gas.