Ansys SoftInWay Partnership

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Ansys expands in the 2D-3D space

Ansys, an engineering software company, and SoftInWay, a design and analysis software provider for 1D-2D designs, are joining to simplify the workflow for designing single-stage, multi-stage, and multi-module turbomachinery.

The new workflow enables design transfer between platforms for advanced multiphysics computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA).

When designing turbomachinery, engineers begin working within a 1D-2D tool. The next step is to transfer the design into a 3D model and run simulations. Without the right 3D solvers in place, transferring from the 1D-2D stage is a cumbersome process prone to inaccuracies.


The partnership further digitizes the workflow, from the initial design in SoftInWay’s AxSTREAM platform, to analysis using Ansys’ 3D physics solvers Ansys® CFX®, Ansys® Fluent®, and Ansys® Mechanical™.

“Integration is key and having the ability to seamlessly toggle between 0D-2D and 3D Multiphysics simulation tools is going to be a necessity as we enter a new age of digitization”, said Leonid Moroz, CEO of SoftInWay.

The new workflow integrates simulations and optimization studies needed through Ansys Workbench to automate the entire development process in one chain. Workflow automation can lead to better designs and production cycles, which results in a faster time to market.