Mobile gas turbines bring power to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico

APR Energy has commissioned two mobile 




 and connected them to the Puerto Rico local power grid just 15 days after its equipment arrived on site.

The fast-track solution features two new GE TM2500 Gen 8 mobile 




, which will help to restore power in the 

San Juan

 area and stabilize the power grid, reducing the risk of outages.


October 13

 – the day after the contract was signed with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers contractor Weston Solutions – APR Energy's 


 arrived at the port of 

San Juan

. The following day, they were transported to the Palo Seco power plant for installation.

APR Energy has used the technology to generate electricity on other 


 islands including 


 and St. Thomas in the 

U.S. Virgin Islands

. On St. Thomas, where the company has operated since 2012, its highly reliable TM2500 


 continued to provide electricity to island residents while much of the power generation in other parts of the 


 was knocked out following Hurricane Irma in early September and Maria 

two weeks later


More than 200 mobile and trailer-mounted TM2500s have been deployed globally and in some of the most extreme conditions on Earth, including the deserts of 


 and remote communities in 


. Based on GE's proven LM2500 product family with over 90 million operational hours of experience, the TM2500 can be transported via land, sea or air and can be commissioned in days. It can ramp up to full power within minutes to support grid security during periods of high demand, and the latest TM2500 unit can generate more than 35MW of power using 


 and/or distillate liquid fuels for greater flexibility.