Arolytics Joins Chevron Technology Ventures Catalyst Program

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Arolytics was selected for to help develop and launch its methane emissions management software offerings.

Arolytics Inc., a provider of emissions software and data analytics solutions for the oil and gas sector, was accepted into the Chevron Technology Ventures (CTV) Catalyst Program, which accelerates the development and deployment of Arolytics’ emissions management software, AroViz, and emissions forecasting model, AroFEMP—both address methane emissions management.

"Being selected for the Catalyst Program is an amazing opportunity for Arolytics," said Liz O'Connell, CEO of Arolytics. "The interest from Chevron demonstrates the oil and gas industry's desire to reduce emissions. It aligns closely with Arolytics' mission to build and execute efficient emissions management programs that enable industry to become leaders in emissions management."

In the CTV Catalyst Program, which launched in 2017, Arolytics will have access to use cases and market needs with a goal of expanding into the U.S. market. Arolytics developed an emissions enterprise software, model, and advanced data analytics platform to provide near-real-time emissions management solutions to clients.


"Methane regulations are changing rapidly across the globe,” said Emmy Atherton, Chief Strategy Officer. “Being a part of the Catalyst Program will support the automation and scalability of our emissions management platform, enabling a potential solution for the oil and gas industry to produce cleaner energy than was ever thought possible. We are grateful for Chevron's support.”