ATCO Emissions bought by private equity firm

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TriWest Capital Partners, a private equity firm based in Calgary, Alberta, completed the acquisition of ATCO Emissions Management from ATCO Structures & Logistics Ltd..  ATCO Emissions Management will operate initially as AEM Emissions Management Ltd.

Harry Wong, President & CEO, AEM Emissions Management, said the purchase allows the company to pursue additional projects and markets.  With recent product additions to its traditional acoustic wall assemblies, acoustic buildings, and gas turbine intake and exhaust silencing systems, including gas turbine air filter houses, diverter dampers for switching from simple to combined cycle power plant operations, and SCRs to scrub out NOx and CO2 from gas-fired power plants in 2011; heat recovery steam generators for combined cycle and CHP applications in 2012; modular and portable gas & liquids processing facilities in 2013; and turnkey industrial buildings in 2015, ATCO Emissions Management has developed into a significant supplier of equipment and installation solutions to the energy and other industries.