Atlas Copco Industrial Air Unveils GA 11-30 FLX Dual-Speed Compressor

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The GA 11-30 FLX uses up to 20% less energy, reducing start-up peak, unload power, and transient losses while delivering optimal flow at varying pressures.

Atlas Copco Industrial Air released a dual-speed vertical drive train compressor model: GA 11-30 FLX. Compared to the company’s traditional fixed-speed compressor portfolio, the GA 11-30 FLX requires up to 20% less energy during usage, and the vertical drive train allows for a compact, space-saving design. Utilizing a dual-speed drive train and motor, this compressor minimizes start-up peak, unload power, and transient losses when compared to Atlas Copco’s established compressor offerings.

The GA 11-30 FLX is not limited by the maximum working pressure of the compressor. The design uses optimal power to deliver the maximum quantity of air at all set pressures, allowing for a more efficient and sustainable operation. A 20% reduced energy usage lowers the global impact of compressor operations, as 5% of the current global energy consumption is occupied by compressors.

“At Atlas Copco Industrial Air, we work toward a more sustainable world every day. We are the cradle where tomorrow’s innovative industrial ideas are shaped, with focus on environment and people,” said Joeri Ooms, Divisional President, Atlas Copco Industrial Air. “GA 11-30 FLX is our best fixed-speed compressor and is our answer to client’s demands for more energy efficiency.”


The GA 11-30 FLX operates differently than other fixed-speed machines in the compressor market, as traditional models are only capable of delivering optimal flow for their own pressure variant. High-pressure fixed-speed compressors provide less air at lower pressures and lower pressure designs are incapable of operating at higher pressures, setting the GA 11-30 FLX apart from its alternatives with the aforementioned optimal flow adaptability.

After one year of using the product, customers can upgrade the GA 11-30 FLX’s software to variable speed drive (VSD) technology. The VSD integrated controller analyzes data from the first 1,000 hours of operation and displays the additional energy a customer could save, in kW/year, on top of the standard 20% offered by the GA 11-30 FLX. Customers can decide, using this information, whether it’s worth installing.

“Our customers’ insights were taken into account in every step of the development of the compressor, thanks to the involvement of our local sales offices, also known as our customer centers,” said Ooms. “We are very proud of the in-house design of all the principal components of this product, which is a result of efficient collaboration between all the Atlas Copco cross functional teams and colleagues globally.”

Atlas Copco Industrial Air manufactures the compressor in two European locations: Montecchio, Italy and Antwerp, Belgium. In these locations, the company’s teams are practicing lean manufacturing—following the demand to alter the production process if required.

Atlas Copco also announced in August 2023 the planned construction of a compressor factory in Talegaon, Pune, India. Slated for completion in Q2 2024, the new facility will be equipped with solar panels and a rainwater harvesting system and will produce both air and gas compressors.