Atlas Copco to provide compressors for Russian power market

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Atlas Copco will provide compressors for a combined heat and power station in Russia. The order is for three integrally geared fuel gas booster compressors – two natural gas units and one syngas unit. The first machines will ship in early 2022.

The fuel gas boosting compressors will be installed in a 250MW combined cycle power plant in Kazan. The plant will use natural gas as a fuel source, as well as natural gas derivatives that are a byproduct from a nearby production facility. Plant construction has started, and it is anticipated that operations will start in March 2023.


In order to meet the flexible demands of power production and heat generation, integrally geared compressors offer several technologies to ensure compressors are operating at their most productive and efficient state. Features like inlet guide vanes and diffuser guide vanes allow the compressor to adjust for optimal flow rates, and custom-engineered aerodynamics ensure optimal efficiency. ENKA, which placed the order, will provide the engineering, procurement, construction, start-up and commissioning for this project.