Avnos, Deep Sky Partner to Build, Operate Air Handling Unit at Deep Sky Labs

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In a collaboration with Deep Sky Labs, Avnos will construct and install a hybrid direct air capture (HDAC) air handling unit at the Deep Sky Labs in Montreal, Canada.

Deep Sky and Avnos have established a partnership to deploy HDAC technology at the Deep Sky Labs in Canada. According to the collaboration, Avnos will build and install an HDAC air handling unit (AHU) capable of removing 450 tons of CO2 annually. Deep Sky will take over the operation of Avnos’ AHU at its labs for a gigaton-scale carbon removal project.

“Our partnership with Avnos is crucial to Canada's decarbonization strategy,” said Damien Steel, CEO of Deep Sky. “Adding Avnos’ novel Hybrid DAC to our Deep Sky Labs project is a significant addition to our portfolio as its technological approach and business model speeds up carbon dioxide removal in Canada.”

The technology is scheduled for installation in 2025 and will use the region’s large reserves of renewable hydroelectric energy to position Canada as a hub for carbon removal initiatives. Avnos will have AHUs in Montreal and Bakersfield, CA upon this installation, forcing technology adaptability in varying environments, humidities, and temperatures. Leveraging this flexibility allows Deep Sky to position an AHU closer to carbon sequestration and renewable power capacity, increasing the net carbon negativity of the hub.


Avnos’ HDAC solution captures both water and CO2 from the atmosphere in a singular system. Then, water is used to regenerate moisture-responsive sorbents—a process that differs from other DAC systems that require heat to separate captured CO2 from sorbents. The dual-capture capability of Avnos’ system generates cost savings for the plant operator, as well as readily available water and jobs for the surrounding community. The AHU installation at Deep Sky Labs will serve as the first project executed outside of the United States for Avnos.

“We recognize we will need to cross borders for the global community to successfully address legacy emissions and capitalize on the enormous economic potential of carbon dioxide removal (CDR),” said Will Kain, CEO of Avnos. “Our partnership with Deep Sky demonstrates our commitment to achieving gigaton scale carbon removal and steering the nascent CDR industry toward creating opportunity and shared benefits.”

Avnos recently sought out and secured $36 million in Series A funding to deploy its HDAC assets across North America and Europe, as well as open an R&D facility in close proximity to New York City. A subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources led the funding round, with other investors such as Safran Corporate Ventures, Shell Ventures, Envisioning Partners, and Rusheen Capital Management joining in.

“At Avnos, we believe our novel HDAC technology is the best shot at reaching the much-needed gigaton scale of carbon dioxide removal,” said Will Kain, CEO of Avnos. “We feel the urgency to roll out HDAC more broadly so as to deliver on positive climate and economic opportunities in front of us. With this substantial funding, Avnos continues to expand its roster of partners supporting our rapid acceleration.”

Avnos and Southern California Gas launched the aforementioned operational commercial pilot project in Bakersfield. The HDAC pilot is a water-positive solution that produces 5 tons of liquid distilled water per ton of CO2 captured, unlike typical DAC systems that consume 5-10 tons of water per ton of captured CO2. The Bakersfield pilot will capture approximately 30 tons of atmospheric CO2 and produce 150 tons of water annually.