Baker Hughes ICL Installation

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Integrated Compressor Line for pipeline project

Baker Hughes is being awarded a contract by Driftwood Pipeline LLC to provide electric-powered Integrated Compressor Line (ICL) technology and turbomachinery equipment for Lines 200 and 300, a natural gas transmission project which will be located in Beauregard and Calcasieu Parishes, in southwest Louisiana.

Tellurian President and CEO Octavio Simoes says, “This landmark project and technology will eliminate nearly all emissions for the proposed project, which Tellurian is developing to supply natural gas to a constrained capacity area.”


Joey Mahmoud, President of Tellurian Pipelines, adds, “We anticipate the project will supply upwards of 51/2 billion ft3 of natural gas daily.”

The project will initially include four 19MW ICL compressors and other turbomachinery equipment for a total of four compressor trains, as well as a LM6000PF+ gas turbine for backup power for the initial phase of the pipeline project at Driftwood’s Indian Bayou Compressor Station.