Baker Hughes to acquire Compact Carbon Capture

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Baker Hughes said it will acquire Compact Carbon Capture (3C), a Norwegian carbon capture technology company. Baker Hughes said it considers the advancement of carbon capture technology critical to delivering the additional carbon emissions reduction needed to meet global 2050 climate targets. 3C’s technology can help address carbon capture from different emission sources and can contribute significantly to the decarbonization of  operations, most notably in the oil and gas industry.

3C’s technology differs from traditional carbon capture solvent-based solutions by using rotating beds instead of static columns, effectively distributing solvents in a compact and modularized format. The rotating bed technology enhances the carbon capture process resulting in up to 75% smaller footprint and lower capital expenditures. In addition, 3C’s modular and scalable configuration can be easily deployed into existing brownfield applications and can be optimized for a broad range of capacity and applications, including offshore and industrial emitters.

Baker Hughes said it will help scale and commercialize 3C’s technology. As part of the agreement, Baker Hughes will accelerate the development of the technology, leading to commercial deployment for customers globally.


The acquisition complements existing Baker Hughes CCUS portfolio, which includes turbomachinery, solvent-based state of the art capture processes (CAP), well construction and management for CO2 storage, and advanced digital monitoring solutions. The agreement includes all intellectual property, personnel and commercial agreements. ABG Sundal Collier acted as advisors to 3C.