Bangladesh to re-power gas plant as combined cycle

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To ensure maximum utilisation of gas and optimum generation of power, the government of Bangladesh has launched a project for re-powering the fourth unit of Ghorashal power plant. Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) is likely to implement the project by June, 2019 at a cost of Tk 20.29 billion (Tk 2029 crore).

Under the project, diesel generator, gas turbine generator and gas booster compressor would be replaced and the existing steam turbine unit would be rehabilitated. In addition, existing power evacuation system would be renovated while new evacuation system would also be created for new gas turbine.

The fourth unit is being re-powered to meet the growing power demand, bring stability in power management and increase reliability. The steam turbine of the fourth unit of Ghorashal power plant was installed in 1989 with capacity of 210MW, but now the generation has come down to 180MW. Besides, the life-cycle of the unit is nearing the end.


Planning Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal said, "The fourth unit of Ghorashal power plant would be converted into combined-cycle technology from the existing single-cycle unit under the repowering project."

Nearly 70 per cent machinery is also likely to be replaced, in order to extend the life-span of the power plant. This is expected to boost power generation and bring stability in power management.