Barrell Energy to Develop Gulf Coast Storage Network, Targets CO2 Sequestration

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The company plans to use GCSN for permanent CO2 storage along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Texas.

Barrell Energy has announced that it is building the Gulf Coast Storage Network (GCSN) for carbon capture and storage. The network is comprised of four carbon sequestration sites bordering the Gulf Coast in Texas and Louisiana.

Barrell Energy President Kirk Barrell said, "Carbon sequestration is rapidly emerging as a current technological solution for the permanent storage of CO2. We believe it is a key pillar in this new era of 'Energy Expansion and Diversification.'"


The company has examined sequestration sites at the Miocene, Frio, Wilcox, and Cretaceous reservoirs in both states. Barrell’s network will capture and store large quantities of CO2 at suitable geological locations within the confines of the GCSN, mitigating the carbon footprint of its own oil and natural gas operations.

Barrell stated: "While the Gulf Coast contains a large volume of CO2 emissions, it also contains world-class reservoirs for the permanent storage of CO2. We look forward to obtaining partners for our expanding network of geologically-superior and geographically-focused sites across the region."