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BHGE digest Baker Hughes GE (BHGE) has completed the assembly of the first gas turbine (GT) module to be installed in the Tengiz oil field in Kazakhstan, operated by Tengizchevroil (TCO). It is designed to integrate a Frame 9 GT in an air-conditioned module with stringent dimensions. This module is a prerequisite to successful operation in the site’s harsh environment, which is characterized by extreme temperatures.

Located in Western Kazakhstan, Tengiz is one of the world’s largest oil and gas fields. In total, BHGE will supply five 130 MW power generation modules, all erected in BHGE’s yard in Italy. In May 2018, the first ever full load string test was performed on a Frame 9 for a power generation application on BHGE premises.


Global LNG Services (GLS), which has selected BHGE for its rotating equipment, is progressing on the Main Pass Energy Hub (MPEH) Deepwater Port project, owned by its U.S. subsidiary MPEH and located 16 miles offshore of southeast Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico. Two Liqui-Max vessels, capable of producing a total of 24 million tonnes per annum of LNG, will be permanently stationed at MPEH. GLS Liqui-MaxVessel design has enabled it to introduce a floating tolling fee model with a floor rate of Henry Hub + 15% +$1.50/MMBtu for pre-processing and liquefaction, and 50/50 sharing of the liquefaction netback value above the $1.50 level.

Gas will be sourced through interstate pipelines and pre-processed onshore in the Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama region. BHGE was selected by GLS for LNG equipment and services. The new GE LM9000 GT has been selected for the project.